A Texcellent Weekend. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1mt1EHD
(Nothing But) Flowers. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1lrFw0z
So I fell in love with #bluebonnets and now I might never leave #Texas. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1nhLVbE
Gettin’ reel. #lawncare / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1iBICsI
A fine day for a museum visit. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1ifSM0E
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See ya on Monday, Tower. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1fAxsSU
Meet O’Shea Jackson, our first houseplant. #farfromjaded / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1nRLlW9
I had #ramen last night and thought you might want to see it. #cornbomb / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1iNIj0k
Ol’ Grease Hands, by @annamal and her lens of wonder. / on Instagram http://ift.tt/1hwF0Yw